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Attractive jobs in Baden-Württemberg

We give you direct access to attractive jobs in well-known companies in Baden-Württemberg with our career-in-bw initiative. As a location with outstanding economic strength and an innovative capacity, Baden-Württemberg needs the best brains. That's why there is great interest in young talent, skilled workers and managers from all over the world. 

There is demand for the complete range of potential employees: from young graduates and experienced skilled workers to highly qualified managers in the fields known by the acronym MINT (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology) with a particular focus on engineering. 

Examples of the vacant jobs and areas of work in engineering

  • Electrical and manufacturing engineering
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Aerospace technology
  • Vehicle construction/-engineering

Precisely tailored job selection

We use ProfileXT, a proven test procedure, that we consider an additional tool in the search for a suitable position and the ideal employer for you.

ProfileXT is a multi-functional, three-dimensional test procedure that uses reliable potential analyses to give prognoses about success in the respective field of activity and guarantees the optimisation of the job selection.

It is the most technologically advanced system that enables an objective and reliable prediction about the professional success of new employees and managers. Precise matching between you and the job vacancies can therefore be carried out in advance in order to optimise the success rate and secure the best possible job for you.  

ProfileXT is based on three sets of questions to evaluate a person:
1. Mental ability (Can the person fill the position?)
2. Professional interests (Does the person want to do the work?)
3. Professional tendencies (How will the person meet the requirements?)

Reports are generated based on the matching of the requirements profile of the position with the self-assessment of the person in order to provide a complete and accurate picture.

Benefits for you as an applicant

  • Guarantee the right job choice
  • Time savings due to applications being optimised to exact positions
  • Creation of a higher level of job satisfaction 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Process optimisation 

We use ProfileXT as an effective and modern tool to provide precisely tailored job selection that can be used online and the results of which can be retrieved immediately. This tool can be dynamically integrated into personnel profiling processes in a variety of ways.

Precisely tailored job placement

We enter the incoming job vacancies and demand for applicants into a precisely coordinated matching process to come up with a preselection of suitable job vacancies for you.

Together with the candidate we create an accurate requirements profile that extensively defines the company requirements in terms of the desired range of skills. This is intended to guarantee you as the applicant  the best possible fit and ensure that you fully meet the requirements.  

The focal point of our selection process is the targeted matching function with the comparison of the qualifications required by the company with the respective applicant profiles. The weighting of the selection criteria easily keeps the job vacancies at a manageable level with the help of the matching process. This makes the selection process quicker and more efficient and ensures that applicants have a clear head start when it comes to finding a suitable position in a company in Baden-Württemberg.  

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