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Chamber of Engineers Baden-Württemberg

The Chamber of Engineers Baden-Württemberg (INGBW) is as public economic organization the professional representation of engineers in Baden-Württemberg. It exists since 1990 as corporation under public law.

Within the Chamber of Engineers there are compulsory members such as Advisory Engineers (legally defined profession), as well as employed, permanent and self-employed engineers with voluntary membership. Additionally, students with scientific or technical subjects can benefit as junior members from the committee work and the professional platform initiative. The engineers of tomorrow are to be supported and informed about relevant professional issues, and to be familiarized with the service facilities of the Chamber of Engineers Baden-Württemberg.

The tasks of INGBW include:

  • To promote engineering in protecting the public as well as lobby concerns of the profession
  • Maintain a list of Advisory Engineers
  • Maintain a list of voluntary members as well as architects in the field of civil engineering
  • To determine principles in a professional code and supervise the fulfillment of the hereby determined professional duties 
  • To offer members an attractive pension scheme 
  • To promote professional education and training
  • To maintain an advisory role in the appointment of experts and the admission of test engineers
  • To advise authorities and courts through position statements and assessments•   To work towards extra-judicial settlement of conflicts between chamber members and third parties
  • To support engineers in professional and legal questions ranging from start-up advice to contractual and fee issues
  • To issue publications

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