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German University in Cairo

The German university in Cairo is a private university in Cairo / Egypt and at the moment one of the biggest educational programs abroad supported by Germany. The GUC was founded 2001 in the context of a program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) called “Export of German Degree Courses” with the support of the University of Ulm and Stuttgart and was opened 2003. The project is under the patronage of the Egyptian ministry for higher education and is supported by the DAAD, the German embassy in Cairo, the Arab-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the German federal ministry for education and research (BMBF). The GUC offers different programs in science and technology, including information technology, media technology, engineering and materials science, pharmaceutics and biotechnology, management technology, applied science and arts.

Language of teaching at GUC is English, however German classes are offered and courses in German are available to encourage the exchange between students. Half of the teaching staff is of German or international origin and was educated in Germany. The curricula at GUC are adapted to the specific Egyptian needs.
Each year the best bachelor students from the area engineering and materials science are offered to write their bachelor thesis at a German partner university during their eighth semester. Afterwards they have the possibility to extend their stay for up to three month to do an internship. Similarly master students are offered to write their master thesis for a period of six months at a German partner university and extend their stay afterwards to do an internship for up to two months in Germany.

The project aims to increase Germany’s international presence and to make the German university system available outside of traditional exchange programs. Additionally, the universities Ulm and Stuttgart are given access to the Egyptian educational market. Furthermore, Baden-Württemberg and Germany as a whole can strengthen their image of a strong educational and business location and educate highly qualified graduates.

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