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Tackling the shortage of skilled workers

In February 2012 the number of job vacancies for engineers exceeded the 100,000 level for the very first time and reached a record level of 105,700. The job opportunities for engineers show steady growth. This has increased 7.3% compared to the previous month and even 31% compared with the previous year. 

The prevalent shortage of engineers primarily affects companies who employ mechanical, automotive and electrical engineers. The demand here is at its greatest with around two thirds of the engineering positions remaining vacant. Baden-Württemberg is considered the worst affected region. Around a quarter of the shortfall in engineers was attributable to this employment market region.

The shortage of skilled workers is increasingly becoming a key strategic issue for the future of Germany as a business location and particularly for Baden-Württemberg as a technology hub. Baden-Württemberg has the highest concentration of engineers in Germany. It is therefore particularly important here to confront the shortage of skilled workers with all available means in order to halt the negative trend.

"The VDI welcomes the fact that the Federal Government's Expert Commission for Research and Innovation is warning about the risks of shortfalls in technical and scientific qualifications within the employment market for Germany as a centre of innovation," confirms VDI Director Dr. Willi Fuchs. "Although the number of students and graduates in engineering has risen in recent years, we have not yet reached the level that would be needed to avoid a shortfall in engineers in the long term."


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