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Nature conservation and biodiversity

Nature conservation is part of the German constitution

Around 48,000 animal species and approximately 24,000 higher plant species, such as mosses, fungi, lichen and algae, are native to Germany. 40% of vertebrate animals and plant species are threatened with extinction. The destruction of habitats due to housing development and road construction, the intensification of agriculture and forestry or high pollution levels are just some of the reasons. Nature conservation has been enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1994 in order to counteract the extinction of species.

In 2001 the European Council and a little later the "Conference of the Parties on the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)" decided to stop the rapidly increasing loss of biodiversity by 2010. It is already clear that this goal has not yet been achieved. Therefore, the 10th Conference of the Parties and European Council decided in 2010 to increase their efforts to stop the loss of biodiversity by 2020 and restore ecosystems, wherever possible.

Regional strategy 2020

Baden-Württemberg wants to make an effective contribution to achieving these goals with a regional nature conservation strategy. The coalition agreement for the new state government stipulates that the nature conservation strategy will be further developed on the basis of the national strategy on biodiversity and in consultation with associations. This is why the nature conservation strategy also includes state-level and regional planning, local urban land use planning, agriculture, forestry and water management as well as road construction and transport in addition to nature conservation.

Source: www.mlr.baden-wuerttemberg.de 

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