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Demand-orientated range of services for your personnel recruitment

Our range of services within the career-in-bw initiative includes a series of modules with precisely tailored services for the complete selection and recruitment process. 

The range of services extends from the analysis of the company requirements, strategic planning, recruitment and selection of skilled workers through to the placement with and commitment to you as an employer. We support companies professionally in personnel management with individual support and advice on personnel recruitment, selection, placement and retention. We use proven tools for the selection and recruitment process to ensure a high success rate. The definition of standards for the comprehensively coordinated implementation of the procedure is just as important to us as the transparent communication and documentation of the procedure.

Module 1: Analysis and strategy

    Analysis of the personnel needs situation and the planning of strategic staff

    • Personnel needs analysis, demography consultancy
    • intercultural training for employees - on request (country-specific or not country-specific)

    Company-specific concept - securing skilled personnel

    • Development of the domestic potential (employees, trainees, senior experts)
    • Planning of the search for personnel abroad

    Contractual agreement for the desired service 

      Module 2: Recruiting Services

      Company requirements and services / Requirements profile

      • Detailed recording of personnel needs, area of activity, job requirements
      • Development of a job-specific requirements profile with matching function
      • Registration of vacancies with their profile specification on our "Careers in B-W" internet portal
      • Presentation of the company as an attractive employer

      Candidate search and recruitment

      • Cooperation with organizations in the locality relevant for the target groups and our local recruiting partners
      • Inclusion in subject-related activities, trade shows and events       
      • Local PR work and use of social media tools

      Pre-selection of candidates in a multi-stage selection procedure

      • Processing and coordination of the incoming applications
      • Comparison of the application papers with the requirements profile
      • Candidate interviews by phone / Skype
      • Personal interviews and/or survey of potential with ProfileXT
      • Personal one-to-one discussions and/or assessment center forms: with the customers on-site abroad or in Germany

      Monitoring of the final selection and recruitment

      • Organizing and possibly carrying out the selection abroad
      • Interview guide for the decision conversation
      • Coordination of the working conditions and employment contract arrangements
      • Contact for candidate questions about the working conditions

      Candidate administration and correspondence

      • Administrative handling in the whole recruitment process
      • Professional refusal management as part of the corporate culture
      • Return of future applications not in question

        Module 3: Relocation Services

        The Relocation management provides services to support rapid integration, for example in the form of convenient welcome packs. With the appropriate know-how and the necessary capacity, all issues are clarified that must be considered when changing location. We offer support for housing procurement about infrastructure questions through to the completion of all formalities and administrative procedures.

        Language integration

        • Organization of professional language courses both abroad and domestically
        • Implementation of courses by our partner language institutes and advisers
        • Orientation on the def. levels of the "Common European Reference Framework for Languages" (GER) Al - C2

        Intercultural integration

        • Organization of professional intercultural support in Germany
        • Development of monitoring according to the cultural background of the skilled workers, as well as the job requirements and the working environment
        • The implementation is ensured by our partner advisers
        • Price offer depending on the number of participants and also the content and extent of the monitoring

        Professional integration

        • Assistance with applying for a visa (non-EU countries)
        • Application for residence and work permits
        • Assistance with other legal issues (above all for third-party countries)
        • Assistance with the recognition of educational and professional qualifications
        • Application for income tax card
        • Translation of documents (certificates, etc.)
        • Assistance with the completion of job-related insurances

        Individual private integration

        • Presentation of and support in the new environment, explanation of the infrastructure
        • Registering with the residents registration office, help with the search for housing
        • Registering for electricity/gas/water, registering for telephone/internet/TV
        • Assistance in opening an account, assistance in taking out insurance
        • Help with recognition of the driving license / registration for driving school
        • Family-related counseling (education system, services for children and youngsters, government support)
        • Double career options

          Module 4: The relationship with skilled employees

          These services are not designed solely for new employees, but also include the entire work area.

          • Care of new employees during the trial period (individual social counseling)
          • Development of an individual advancement plan (professional) taking into account formal and informal skills
          • Promoting cooperation in the working group, team analyses, team training measures through to group coaching
          • Seminars for German employees to raise awareness and promote acceptance and cultural openness

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