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Extra-university research

Inventive spirit has a tradition

Nowhere else in Europe are more patents registered than in Baden-Württemberg. Inventive spirit has a tradition in these parts: almost a quarter of all annual patent applications in Germany come from Baden-Württemberg. There is traditionally close collaboration between business and science in Baden-Württemberg. 

The state can only be successful in world markets if it develops state-of-the-art products, processes and services. Alongside the universities, universities of applied sciences and extra-university research institutes, technology centres form the core of research activities. 


Cutting-edge research in the south west 

A large number of technical and science-orientated research institutes that have close links with the universities are located in Baden-Württemberg. These include the Max Planck Institute, the Fraunhofer Society Institutes, contract research institutes at the universities and major research centres in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.

These research institutes bridge the gap between basic research and the development of new innovative products and services. Baden-Württemberg has a comprehensive network of technology transfer so that small and medium-sized companies can also access and benefit from the scientific know-how. 

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