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School and training

Education is proving very popular 

Good opportunities from the outset are a key prerequisite for education and performance. More than 1.5 million students visit the general and vocational schools in the state. A nine-year education is compulsory for children from the age of six years old. Attendance at State schools is free of charge. Children generally attend primary school for four years. This is followed by a varied option of schools: secondary modern school (Hauptschule), middle school (Realschule), grammar school (Gymnasium). They differ in their performance requirements and in the balance between practice and theory. 

Classes 5 to 9 in secondary modern schools are compulsory, the 10th school year is voluntary. Middle schools serve classes 5 to 10 and lead to the intermediate school leaving certificate. Grammar schools end after 12 or 13 school years with the general higher education entrance qualification. Most schools are half-day schools. However, the expansion and establishment of all-day schools has been specifically encouraged in recent years. The individual skills of the students are taken into account with the varied and compatible range of education.

Dual vocational training

There are currently around 350 recognised apprenticeship professions in Baden-Württemberg offering training in the dual system. A dual system means that the professional training takes place at two learning centres within the company offering the apprenticeship and in the vocational school. As a result, the apprentices are trained in the company but also in the vocational school. The training generally takes place alternately on three to four days within the company and one to two days in the vocational school. The apprenticeship normally lasts between two and three and a half years depending on the profession. Students receive a broad-based basic education and technical qualification as part of the dual vocational training.

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