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Family and generations

Population and demography

Around 10.75 million people live in Baden-Württemberg. Since the mid 1950s the state has experienced a growth in its population as a result of people displaced after the Second World War, refugees from civil wars, immigration by foreign workers and from East Germany. The Baden-Württemberg population has aged in the last 50 years despite the immigration. In addition, falling birth rates and an increase in life expectancy characterise demographic change. The ageing within society therefore represents a major challenge.

Diverse lifestyles

Baden-Württemberg is a modern and cosmopolitan state. The society is characterised by a diversity of lifestyles and ethnocultural influences. Forms of living together have become more diverse in recent decades and individuals enjoy greater freedom. 

In spite of the changes in society, the family is a priority for 90% of the population. Children and young people have a very close relationship with their family. Older people over the age of 60 years mainly live independently, are socially active and are rarely at risk of poverty in old age thanks to the statutory pension insurance. Three-generation families infrequently live together but there is often a very close emotional bond between grown-up children, parents and grandparents. 

The reconciliation between family life and work

An income-related parental allowance financed by taxes has been made available to women and men since 2007: for a period of one year, one parent who interrupts their career to raise children receives 67 percent of their last net income or a minimum of € 300 and a maximum of € 1,800. At the same time, childcare has been extended further. Many companies support their employees with childcare and the care of relatives. 

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